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Brand Pics is the only game in the world where the management team and employees can create a strong, clear brand with the help of pictures and words.

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Brand Game

The quick, easy way to a strong, clear brand. With the help of pictures and words, everyone gets the same clear picture of your brand’s personality.

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Brand Pics Test – Online Brand Survey

The world’s only online brand survey using pictures and words.
What image do employees, customers, suppliers and the general public have of your brand personality? The Brand Pics online survey gives you the answer.

Which brand personality are you? Take the test.

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Our brand workshops

You often become blind to what’s going on around you. Bringing clarity to your brand is easier if you get outside help. Our workshops for management and employees kick start your brand work, and create a common picture.


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There is not just one way of working with the brand. Needs look different. Whatever you need, we have the tools to help you build and give life to a strong and successful brand.


Sounding board

Living the Brand

Communication Strategy

Brand Book

Brand platform

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