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The quick, easy way to a strong, clear brand. With the help of pictures and words, everyone gets the same clear picture of your brand’s personality.

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The entire organization having the same view of your brand is crucial for both clarity and profitability. With Brand Pics Test – The Box, you easily and quickly get a common understanding of the brand’s winning personality and ensure you deliver your brand promise in full.

Brand Pics Test - The Box consists of 50 picture cards divided into five different personality types, each of which has 20 descriptive words. The cards come with an 80-page handbook with seven exercises that explain how you can find your brand's winning personality.

A decent type
A cool typ
A knowledgeable type
An elegant type
A robust type

Commitment is the key to successful branding. People want to have fun. Replacing traditional workshop discussions and exercises with an engaging game activates everyone involved. And the game gives you clear results in a short time.


The aim of Brand Pics Test – The Box is to develop a clear brand personality and reach a common understanding that is the right one. The management team, employees, customers and suppliers can all play the game.

  1. Put the cards on the table and let each participant choose four cards with pictures they together think describe the brand’s personality.
  2. Turn the cards over and sort them by colour. Each colour corresponds to a personality whose properties can be described by a number of adjectives.
  3. Compare and together go through the results. If everyone chose the same colour on the cards, then your brand image is clear. But if the colours are different, you need to work on internal communications to get a picture of the brand that everyone shares.
  4. Focus on the qualities that distinguish the brand and ensure that it is clear to management, employees and customers.

The manual’s seven steps are:

1.  Your view of the brand

2. The management’s common view of the brand

3. The employees’ view of the brand

4. The customers’ and suppliers’ view of the brand

5. The brand as a picture

6. Choose a body type for the brand

7. Clarify the personality

The Brand Pics Test can also be used for:

Product launches

New partnerships

As a door opener

Describing services

Consensus in the Working Group

Project start-ups

Positioning exercises

Cooperation exercises

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