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There is not just one way of working with the brand. Needs look different. Whatever you need, we have the tools to help you build and give life to a strong and successful brand.

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Brand platform

The brand platform describes who you are, what you do, what you stand for, and what you promote. It is the foundation of everything that you offer, what you promise the customer and how you show that you do it in a credible way.


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Communication Strategy

The communication strategy sets a long-term focus for the company’s communication work. What message we communicate to which target groups and which channels should be prioritized. The communication strategy also establishes strategic priorities and is used as a communication policy and as a guiding principle for everyone in the company.



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Brand Book

The brand book describes the company’s history, values, vision and goals and creates a sense of belonging, understanding and commitment to the brand work internally. The book is the basis and an agreement on how all employees should deliver your brand promise in full.

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Living the Brand

Customer experience can never be higher than employee experience. Therefore it is important that every employee lives and delivers the brand promise fully. We help you to anchor the brand by translating policies and plans into concrete action. To ensure that employees are aware of the brand promise and deliver it fully.

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Sounding board

We are happy to work as a sounding board and motivators for management and brand groups. We take on anything from comprehensive brand and communication assignments to shorter strategy workshops over one or two days. From kick-starting a process to major projects.

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Lectures and workshops provide participants with techniques and tools to use in everyday life when it comes to creating a strong brand. We tailor solutions for smaller or larger groups, for managers/management teams, with or without employees, one or several occasions, in exclusive internal exercises.

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